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7 Reasons You Should Choose A Dental Implant Over a Bridge

Dental patient looking in mirror at missing tooth

7 Reasons You Should Choose A Dental Implant Over a Bridge

Did your dentist tell you it’s time for a bridge? Read this before you make an expensive mistake!

#1: Longevity

First, please remember that we are dealing with the human body, and nothing is guaranteed! Also, at all Station Dental locations we use only the highest quality materials for all dental procedures. We do not, and will never, buy sub-standard materials from eBay or Amazon, and all dental materials are purchased from reputable dental supply companies.

That being said, the average lifespan of a dental bridge is generally 5-10 years, though occasionally they can last longer. Many factors can affect this longevity, from poor hygiene, the types of foods we eat, body piercings, integrity of the supporting teeth, infrequent dental visits, reduction in supporting bone, the materials used for the bridge, or accidents to name just the main contributors. If you find that you are guilty of one or more of these reasons, you may want to question whether a bridge is right for you?

Someone who is searching for a bridge to replace a missing (or soon to be missing) tooth, is often likely in need of a bridge because of poor oral hygiene and maybe not so good at going to those regularly scheduled dental appointments? Because a bridge requires even more attention to hygiene than the tooth that preceded it, you may want to question your commitment to additional oral care? Not only do you have to floss between your teeth, but with a bridge you now need to thread floss under the bridge and make sure there is nothing getting trapped down there.

With a dental implant, the expected lifespan is much longer, often for life. However, this is the implant itself – the medical grade “root” that supports the implant crown. The crown portion is made of ceramic and follows much of the same rules that the bridge does, aside from oral care which is more like caring for your natural teeth. You still need 6-month cleaning appointments and your dentist or hygienist will clean the implant for you.

It’s also important to not forget the time that has transpired by the time you need to replace your bridge. Here you are and you are 5-10 years older, and most likely you have new dental needs. Now you are looking at the increasing costs of your oral health, and paying a second… or third time for a bridge, which is what brings us to number 2, the cost of a dental bridge vs. dental implant.