7 Reasons You Should Choose A Dental Implant Over a Bridge

Dental patient looking in mirror at missing tooth

#4: Tooth Health

Teeth are strong, really strong. In fact, tooth enamel is the toughest part of the human body. This is important since we use our teeth to grind up all kinds of food every day. Some of us use our teeth to grind up ice as well… ahem, do not do this. We even use our teeth to grind our other teeth when we’re stressed out or sleeping (if this is you, please ask us about a custom night guard).

What we’re saying here though, is that a strong tooth is designed this way for a reason. To properly restore your smile and chewing surface with a dental crown, the two supporting teeth on either side are ground down to support this new bridge.

image showing underlying teeth reshaped to support dental bridge

That means you are agreeing to grind down the enamel and much of the structure of healthy teeth! Now, this isn’t the end of the world, you will be covering this newly exposed area with a brand-new crown. Unfortunately, with crowns and dental fillings, the probability of decay starting underneath is higher now than it was with your enamel in place. Our mission at Station Dental is to save teeth, and grinding two healthy teeth down to save one, just doesn’t always sit right. We always recommend considering a dental implant for anyone who is a good candidate.

When it comes to tooth health and an implant, there’s no question. You needed a bridge because you are without a tooth – there’s no health there! An implant simply fills the gap where that tooth was, and does nothing to compromise the surrounding teeth. This is a win-win!