7 Reasons You Should Choose A Dental Implant Over a Bridge

Dental patient looking in mirror at missing tooth

#7: Quality of Life

Overall, a dental bridge and dental implant when they are new and healthy don’t have a big difference in quality of life. They look similar. You can chew your food with both.

But what about when that bridge fails and costs you more? Or when you lose the supporting teeth and now you don’t have the option for an implant because you’ve lost too much bone? It’s important as you work with your dentist on your oral future that you take these things into consideration. Dental health is a lifelong journey, and just like any path taken, there is a right and a wrong one. When it comes to lifelong oral health, we will almost always recommend a dental implant over a dental bridge.

I hope this has been helpful as you decide on your future smile! If you would like to schedule an appointment to go over your options with a highly qualified implant and restorative Dentist at Station Dental, give us a call today or schedule an appointment! We are always accepting new patients.