Station Dental Group

Some COVID-19 Changes You’ve Seen, And Some You May Not Have

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

If you follow our Instagram (@stationdentalgroup) or our Facebook ( you have most likely seen lots of pictures of the teams wearing masks. But unless you’ve been in to see us in the last couple months, you may not have seen ALL the gear we’re now wearing. In fact, when our teams arrive to the office, they switch out their shoes with a pair they keep at the office, and they even put on an extra set of scrubs over the clothes they’re already wearing. They also wear a lab jacket with tighter cuffs, and sometimes booties over their work shoes. On top of that we have head caps in a nice Station Dental blue, masks, gloves and face shields. It can look pretty alien, but we’re doing everything we can to keep our teams and our patients as safe as possible

Taking Your Temperature

Everyone in the office has come up with their own fun way to take temperatures. It can be kind of silly with the toy gun feel of our new touchless thermometers. We do this to make sure we’re not seeing any patients who may be sick, as well as the team. We take every team member’s temperature twice daily to catch anything concerning as soon as possible.

Blood Pressure

This one may come as a surprise to some patients. Usually, if we are doing a procedure that requires numbing a patient, or any kind of surgery, we will take blood pressure. But with COVID, we are now taking this on every patient. Why, you ask? It actually turns out that high blood pressure can be used to identify risk factors for not only contracting COVID-19, but also for how sick someone may get who has COVID-19. This can help us be more precautious, and like other risk factors for disease your dentist is watching for, this can help us give you valuable information to keep you healthy.

Rinsing & Suction

Another surprise change here with COVID. Normally rinsing out and suction during a dental visit is easy, but not so much these days. To avoid splashback, we have to be very sparing with the water we can squirt in your mouth, and the Centers For Disease Control are actually asking dentists to not let patients put their lips on the suction. Normally, the best way to get water out of your mouth is to close your lips over the suction and BAM, no more moisture. It’s a little more tedious now, but just another set of steps in place to ensure your safety.

We really appreciate everyone being patient with us as we learn more, and change more, about the way we visit the dentist. What we can say is we’re so grateful for all the amazing compliments we have received from our family of patients. It’s a trying time for everyone, but if we all come together, we can help each other through it and come out even stronger for it!

Thank you, and we hope to see you soon!