5 Fundamental Hints on How to Take Care of Your Dental Crown

5 Fundamental Hints on How to Take Care of Your Dental Crown

Jan 19, 2021

Our teeth are actually one of the hardest substances we have within our human body. However, this does not mean that our teeth do not get structurally compromised now and then. Dental issues such as cavities and dental trauma can negatively impact the structural integrity of your naturally strong teeth.

One of the best ways our dentist in Arvada uses to reinforce damaged teeth structurally is by utilizing dental crowns. Dental crowns restore tooth functionality and prevent any further damage from occurring, leading to the disintegration or loss of the affected tooth.

Dental crowns can ideally be described as customized dental caps that are used to cover up the visible part of a damaged tooth and restore both its functionality and appearance.

The procedure of getting a crown will only take one dental appointment. Firstly, a precise impression of the affected tooth will be taken to facilitate the creation of your permanent crown. Then, your tooth will be prepared for the crown.

At Station Dental Group in Arvada, our dentist provides same-day dental crowns using advanced CEREC technology, so there is no waiting period or need for multiple dental appointments. We can conveniently get you fitted for your new dental crown all in one appointment.

In addition, we offer a 5-year warranty on dental crowns. You can rest assured you are receiving a quality dental crown.

When Is It Necessary to Replace a Permanent Crown?

Crowns are actually designed to be durable and last you for a long time, approximately 5-15 years. Truth be told, they will need to be replaced now and then, particularly if:

  • Theydo not fit properly.
  • You get an injury that dislodges the permanent crown.
  • You practice poor oral hygiene, and the underlying tooth begins to show signs of tooth decay.
  • The permanent crown fractures, cracks, or chips.

How to Properly Maintain Your New Dental Crown After the Procedure

All the above incidences can result in the premature replacement of your crown. Here is how you should maintain your permanent crown to make it last as long as possible:

  • Practice Proper Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing your teeth each day is a must for you to have a healthy smile. It is ideal for you to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once daily. This helps ensure that you keep tooth decay and cavities at bay.

When you have a dental crown, you should pay particular attention to brush and floss around the crown to ensure that the covered affected tooth is not left predisposed to tooth decay or periodontal disease. Practicing proper oral hygiene each day is essential towards securing the durability of your dental crown.

  • Regular Dental Checkups

It is essential to see our dentist in Arvada,or at another location nearby you, regularly after getting a dental crown. These preventive dental care appointments give our dentist a chance to examine your dental crown and ascertain that it is still in tip-top condition.

Apart from this, these dental checkups also ensure that your teeth undergo a thorough cleaning session to guarantee that the crown and the surrounding teeth remain in a wonderful, disease-free, and clean condition.

  • Use Night Guards

You should talk to our dentist about the use of night guards, particularly if you suffer from bruxism or have a persistent habit of grinding your teeth in your sleep. Tooth grinding or bruxism can cause your crown and the surrounding teeth to wear down.

Nightguards are designed to prevent your upper and lower teeth from touching or connecting when you sleep, discouraging teeth grinding.

  • Watch What You Eat

Some particular foods can affect the durability of your crown. You should try and steer clear of foods that can damage your customized crown, such as hard candy, hard foods like nuts, and sticky or chewy sweets and desserts.

  • Avoid Some Bad Habits

Bad habits such as opening packages using your teeth, biting your nails, and chewing on ice cubes, can all jeopardize the durability and condition of your dental crown. To ensure that your crown lasts long, you should refrain from such bad habits.

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