Are Dental Sealants Helpful for Diabetics?

Are Dental Sealants Helpful for Diabetics?

Nov 08, 2021

Dental sealants are an excellent way to prevent cavities in children’s molars. Sealants are available as a thin and durable plastic coating for application on the surfaces of the molars to prevent food particles and bacteria from remaining trapped in them.

Dental sealants prevent tooth decay from penetrating the enamel to create cavities in children’s mouths. We must also mention that dental sealants were not developed exclusively for children, and adults can also have them on their molars if they are not already affected by tooth decay.

Dental sealants are particularly beneficial for people with diabetes who often find they are prone to infections if left untreated or uncontrolled. Therefore people with diabetes who do not have tooth decay or restored teeth can find it helpful to contact a dental office near me to seek advice on protecting their teeth using these sealants.

The Advantages of Dental Sealants

Although brushing and flossing are essential for preventing tooth decay, children developing molars benefit from applying dental sealants to smooth out the grooves and fissures on the back teeth. The molars frequently trap food particles in them, allowing bacteria in the mouth to grow. The bacteria then deposits acids on the molars to penetrate the tooth enamel and cause cavities.

Dental sealants effectively work against 80% of cavities for the initial two years after an application. The sealants continue the protection against 50% of holes for another four years while remaining on teeth for at least nine years.

They are effective on children’s and adults’ teeth, including people with diabetes who encounter various mouth-related problems because of conditions like dry mouth, thrush, poor healing, and gum disease.

Adults with diabetes getting dental sealants from a dentist in Castle Rock can prevent the occurrence of tooth decay which they are prone to because of the conditions affecting them. Preventing cavities from developing allows adults to avoid needing expensive dental treatments.

Oral health problems can be common in adults with diabetes, and getting an application of dental sealants can help to prevent these according to comments from the American Dental Association.

Dentists recommend brushing and flossing and avoiding sugary and starchy foods as excellent methods to prevent cavities. However, an additional barrier over the molars helps seal the vulnerable surfaces of the back teeth and prevents cavities as the molars are favored surfaces of bacteria to create holes.

What Happens When Tooth Decay Develops?

The development of tooth decay on children’s teeth can result in lost school time and can interfere with sleeping, eating, and other activities. Parents of children also save considerable time and money on dental treatments for their children.

The application procedure of dental sealants is comfortable and painless, requiring around 30 minutes because the dentist works to ensure the sealants are correctly applied to provide the best protection.

Dental sealants are relatively inexpensive and are priced at $30 to $60 per tooth, although some insurance plans can reduce the prices even further. You can find out more by inquiring about the costs of dental sealants with their dentist before committing to the procedure after getting their teeth evaluated.

Getting dental sealants doesn’t mean children or adults can neglect dental hygiene. The cornerstone of good oral health is brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste, flossing at least once, refraining from having sugary and starchy foods, and visiting dentists for twice-yearly exams and cleanings.

People with diabetes considering dental sealants may require more frequent visits to the Castle Rock cosmetic dentist to monitor the placements as they can be prone to chipping in cracking. However, dental sealants are indeed helpful for people with diabetes just as they are and have been for everyone for over four decades.

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