Considering Dental Crowns to Redefine Your Smile? Here Are Some Facts About Them

Considering Dental Crowns to Redefine Your Smile? Here Are Some Facts About Them

Jun 04, 2021

If it’s true that a smile can say a thousand words, what does yours say about you? Does it exude health and beauty, or is it marred with dental flaws such as cracks, severe stains, or tooth decay? If this describes you, there’s no need for you to continue living with an unhealthy smile. Our dentist in Lakewood, CO, has dental crowns that are designed to redefine a marred smile.

Crowns have been utilized for a long time to solve a host of dental issues, and they are effective. The whole reason why our Lakewood dentist recommends using dental crowns is to reinforce a weakened tooth or cover a flaw, thus revamping your smile.

Do You Need a Dental Crown?

Tooth crowns or dental caps are tooth-shaped dental prostheses that our dentist in Lakewood, CO, uses to encase defective teeth. A dental crown is hollow and is created to match your teeth and fit perfectly.

Therefore, they are multifaceted and can be used by almost anyone who wishes to do the following:

  • Cover an implant
  • Attach tooth bridges
  • Protect a weak tooth
  • Cover a badly damaged tooth
  • Encase a tooth that has a chunky filling
  • Restore and reinforce a tooth that is cracked or fractured

After using a dental crown, your tooth will be restored to its natural shape, size, and function. When the crown encases the damaged tooth, it will look and feel like your natural teeth.

What Are Dental Crowns Made Of?

As mentioned earlier, crowns are fashioned to restore your teeth’s normal functions. For crowns to do so, they have to be made to serve you for a specified amount of time. Therefore, they are made from various materials, including:

    • All-Porcelain

All-porcelain crowns look exceptionally like your natural teeth, meaning that they are unmatched in aesthetics. They are a great choice if you want to have a beautiful smile but are allergic to metals. If you have damaged front teeth and need crowns on your front teeth, they are the best option.

Same-day crowns are also made from porcelain. Same-day crowns are the same as any other crowns in terms of purpose, but they are fabricated in the office as you wait or undergo the procedure. So, you can come to our offices when you have two hours to spare, and you will leave with a new smile.

    • All-Resin

These crowns are made from plastic, making them a less expensive option than the other options. They are also tooth-colored as porcelain crowns. The only issue is that they aren’t as stain-resistant and sturdy as the other dental crowns.

    • Metal

Metal crowns can be made from various metals such as nickel, gold, chromium, and palladium. They are very strong crowns that can withstand the chewing and grinding force of the back teeth. Metal crowns rarely crack, or chip and they can last a long time.

However, they are not good-looking as all-porcelain or all-resin crowns. So if you desire to use them, they can be a better fit for back teeth restorations.

    • Porcelain-Fused to Metal

All-porcelain crowns are excellent crowns for aesthetics, but they aren’t that sturdy, especially to replace the back teeth. Metal crowns are sturdy but not that good-looking. So, these crowns are a blend of porcelain and metal. Porcelain is on the outside of the crown, while metal is placed on the inside. This gives these crowns good aesthetics and sturdiness.

What to Consider When Choosing a Crown

A crown should fit perfectly on the tooth if it is to perform its functions. In addition, you need a solution that can last for a reasonable amount of time. To get the delicate balance between looks and functionality, our Lakewood dentist will consider the following issues:

  • Functionality and strength
  • The cost
  • The durability of the crown
  • Your biocompatibility to the crown
  • The position of the affected tooth
  • The gum’s condition
  • The exact shade and color of your surrounding teeth
  • The number of teeth that are visible when you smile or talk
  • The aesthetics and appearance of the crown

Dental crowns are an excellent restorative option. The procedure is pain-free, and you can expect to have a healthy smile after the crown has been placed. Contact our dentist in Lakewood, CO, at Station Dental Group in Lakewood.

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