Dental Dentures— A Tried and Tested Teeth Replacement Treatment

Dental Dentures— A Tried and Tested Teeth Replacement Treatment

Aug 20, 2021

Gone are the days when dentures were thought to be for older people who have lost their teeth. Today, dental dentures are made of composite resin materials that give them better durability and aesthetic appeal.

Dentures are an essential part of oral health as well as an important part of facial beauty. They are used by people who have had their teeth removed due to periodontal disease and decay.

Dental dentures are a substitute for natural teeth because they serve the same function.

What are Dental Dentures?

Dental dentures are clasps that are attached to the teeth of the wearer. They are composed of acrylic and other prosthetic materials manufactured by dental labs, dental suppliers, or dentists. They can be created with or without a metal framework.

What Are the Types of Dental Dentures?

According to dental research, there are three main dental dentures type: full, partial, and complete dentures. These are categorized based on the number of teeth covered in the denture and their material composition.

    • Full dentures

Full dental dentures replace all or part of a patient’s natural teeth with artificial ones. They are made of porcelain, metal, resin, ceramic, or plastic composite materials that match the color of natural teeth.

    • Complete dentures

Complete Dentures cover all the natural teeth in front and behind and the abutments and lingual surfaces. This is achieved by using one plate for each tooth with either metal or ceramic crowns.

A dentist near Lakewood, CO, will first remove the remaining teeth, before designing these dentures. The dentures are categorized in two– conventional and immediate.

Immediate dental dentures are ideal if you are looking for same-day service. Our dentist will fix it on the same day as your tooth extraction appointment. The dentures are usually prefabricated at the dental office. They are ideal for helping your gums heal as you wait for the conventional dentures to be made.

    • Partial dentures

Partial dental dentures are ideal if you have less than half of the teeth lost.

They also provide a long-term solution to the problem of tooth loss without compromising on aesthetics as they come in a variety of designs and colors.

What is the Procedure for Getting Dental Dentures?

Our Lakewood dentist will begin the process by taking impressions of your teeth. Once these impressions are made, they are sent to the lab to make the dentures. From there, the dentist will send back a sample for approval before the final mold is made. Finally, you will need to schedule your next appointment to get your dentures!

Why You Should Consider Dental Dentures as an Alternative to Implants

Dental implants are often considered the best and most reliable alternatives to dental bridges or dentures, but this is not always the case. Dental implants involve inserting permanent posts into your jawbones to support the replacement teeth. This process can be invasive, and you need to have a good bone density for this. If you do not, you will need to go through other surgical processes like bone grafting.
Dental dentures are ideal if you do not want to go through invasive oral surgery.

How Long Do the Dental Dentures Last?

Dental dentures’ lifespan largely depends on your oral health. The dentures need realignment because the jaw bone tends to shrink with time. It is, however, vital to care for your dental dentures to maintain their shape and durability.

Why Do Dental Dentures Fall Apart?

There are many reasons why your dental dentures may be falling apart. One major reason is usually a bacterial infection in the mouth. This can spread through oral hygiene efforts, such as swapping mouthwash or rinsing with water too often.

Another possible cause could be cracks on teeth or gums that have healed improperly, which may lead to debris getting into your dentures and causing a bacterial buildup.

Poor quality of material used for making your dentures can also be a contributing factor. A cheaper material may not last as long as one would hope for, and in some cases, certain metals used in the manufacturing of dental prosthetics are toxic and cause significant problems.

What are the Dentist-Approved Ways to Prevent Dental Dentures from Falling Apart?

The American Dental Association recommends that dentures be cleaned once a day and flossed to prevent dental disease and decay. While brushing is an easy method, there are other options, such as rinsing before or after meals and using mouthwash. The ADA also suggests wearing denture shields for added protection.

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