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As a private practice, we are able to put treating our patients at the forefront of all the services we offer. Our skilled dentists will only provide an honest, and comprehensive treatment plan with a goal to achieve optimal oral health. You can be assured, the dental services we provide are designed for you, the patient.


Dental Crowns

Natural, tooth colored crowns restore teeth that are damaged or decayed, often completed same-day

About Dental Crowns


Root Canals

A root canal removes infection and protects the tooth, normally saving the tooth and preventing the need for implants or bridges

About Root Canals


Dental Implants

These titanium implants replace missing or damaged teeth and offer an effective long-term solution

About Dental Implants



We gradually straighten teeth by using clear, nearly invisible aligner trays in less than a year

Re-align Your Smile


Dental Hygiene

Fight gum disease and tooth decay, and maintain your healthy, beautiful smile with regular dental cleanings

About Dental Hygiene


Natural Fillings

Metal free, tooth colored fillings are placed in teeth where decay was removed to restore and maintain a healthy mouth

About Dental Fillings


Teeth Whitening

Quickly achieve a brighter, whiter smile without the wait with a professional in-office whitening system

Dentist Teeth Whitening


Cosmetic Dentistry

Often called instant orthodontics, veneers are thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the surface of your natural teeth

Cosmetic Dental Services


Sedation Dentistry

Sedation or “sleep” dentistry allows one the ultimate comfort in the dental setting

Sedation ‘Sleep’ Dentistry


Laser Dentistry

Less invasive, less painful, and better success!

Dental Laser Therapy

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