How to Go About Getting Complete Dentures for Diabetic Patients

How to Go About Getting Complete Dentures for Diabetic Patients

Aug 16, 2021

Treating patients with diabetes can be challenging. Some of the common dental issues that arise among diabetic patients regarding oral health include periodontal diseases, burning sensations in the mouth, impaired or delayed healing of wounds, and increased occurrence and severity of oral infections, to mention a few. Because of such issues, some dental protocols for tooth replacement such as implant surgery or dentures can be difficult to complete.

Dental Considerations for Dentures for People with Diabetes

Dental care is crucial for diabetic patients, even though it may be difficult. The good thing is that Station Dental in Aurora in 80014 has mastered the art of recognizing the signs of dental issues among diabetics and treating them accordingly.

When it comes to getting dentures, one thing diabetic patients must know is that saliva plays an imperative role in the retention and maintenance of removable prosthetics. Since many diabetics suffer from low saliva production, they are also more prone to infections in their gums. Upon tooth loss, therefore, it can be difficult to sustain dentures in good conditions if your dentist is not alert and keen to recognize your challenge. Some of the factors that your dentist should recognize before you receive a same-day service for dentures are:

  • Increased risk of dental cavities – Hence, the importance of complete dentures over partial dentures.
  • Delayed or impaired healing – A wound may take longer to heal if you have diabetes than not. As such, your dentist should be careful when recommending implant-supported dentures as your tooth replacement alternative to removable dentures.
  • Increased risk of periodontitis – Periodontitis is an infection of the gum tissue that can make it unbearable for you when you have removable dentures. Therefore, our dentists in dental offices near Aurora, CO, should come up with intervention measures to combat such an infection as you get dentures.
  • Burning mouth syndrome – This is a neurosensory disorder common among diabetics on the onset of wearing complete dentures. It occurs due to reduced quality salivation and can make wearing dentures be unbearable for you.

Viable Solutions for Overcoming Denture Challenges Among Diabetics

Just because it may be problematic to get dentures as a diabetic does not mean that you shouldn’t. If anything, it only implies that you need to be a little more cautious about your dental health and general health. Some of the practices that can help in denture use among patients with diabetes include:

  • Excellent oral hygiene – This is necessary to sustain denture conditions as well as preserve your oral health. You will need the occasional intervention of your dentist in keeping up with proper oral hygiene.
  • Regular dental checks – Your dentist must become your new best friend when you get dentures as a diabetic. They must keep analyzing and evaluating your oral health to ensure that anomalies are mitigated early enough and the condition of your mouth sustained. Do not wait for the six month-mark before your next dental visit. As a diabetic, you should determine to visit your dentist once every three months or earlier.
  • Getting implant-supported dentures – Although implant surgeries are not very favorable for people with diabetes, prosthodontic therapy with tooth implants is an attractive substitute for traditional removable dentures. The removability can worsen the discomfort on your gums. Instead, dental implants hold the dentures in place, mimicking the stability of natural teeth. However, you would require regular dental visits to monitor the healing pace of your implant wounds throughout your treatment period.
  • Adequate antibiotic administration – Antibiotics will come in handy during your implant procedures and after. Your recovery is paramount, with few or no cases of infection as the success parameter.
  • Antiseptic mouthwashes – Your dentist will stress the relevance and significance of regular use of antiseptic mouth rinses. Rinsing your mouth frequently will rid it of bacteria and fungi likely to deteriorate your oral health when you get dentures.
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