Anesthetic & Numbness

Most restorations are done with the use of a local anesthetic to numb the treated area. This numbness can easily last for several hours and in order to avoid unnecessary damage to the teeth, tongue and/or gums, precautionary measures should be observed. This includes avoiding drinking hot and cold liquids and chewing gum or foods. Piercings should also be removed and left out until the numbness is completely gone whenever possible. In rare cases, numbness can last for days or even months. If you are still experiencing numbness after 12 hours, please contact your Station Dental office.

Food & Drink

For the first 24 hours, do not chew any hard or sticky foods. This gives the time for the cement to properly harden. While the cement underneath is slightly pliable, the crown on top is much more fragile when chewing, like a sheet of ice over water. Once the cement underneath is fully cured, it is more like a solid block of ice – incredibly durable. Similarly, tacky foods like caramel can pull on the restoration and pop it off.

Pain & Sensitivity

You may experience hot and cold sensitivity, or pain in the tooth that was restored. Usually this will only last for days to a couple of weeks, but may last several months. It is important to give this sensitivity time to heal before jumping to conclusions that mean more treatment such as a root canal. However, if you feel that your bite is not hitting correctly, you should contact Station Dental to get a bite adjustment. Sometimes it is just getting used to a slightly new shape of your teeth, but an incorrect bite can lead to other issues and should be checked out.

Leftover Materials

Because glue is used to adhere the restoration, sometimes excess material can be found on or around the crown. This is normal and many times will break away with regular maintenance. If this does not change in a week, or if you find anything sharp with your tongue, please call Station Dental.

Dental Warranty for Crowns, Bridges & Dental Veneers

Station Dental stands behind the dentistry we provide to our family of patients, as well as the quality of the materials we use. Therefore, we offer a 5-year warranty on all crowns, bridges and veneers. However, because neglect can lead to the failure of dental procedures, our warranty becomes null and void if proper care is not taken to ensure the success of your restoration. This includes regular 3-6 month visits, as well as wearing a night guard if this is included in your treatment plan.

Station Dental Crown, Bridge & Veneers Warranty

  • First Year – 100% Coverage (NO COST TO YOU)
  • Second Year – 100% Coverage (NO COST TO YOU)
  • Third Year – 60% Coverage
  • Fourth Year – 50% Coverage
  • Fifth Year – 40% Coverage
  • Sixth + Year – 0% Coverage
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