Local Dentist Partner Program

Local Dentist Partner Program

The Local Dentist Partner Program is available to any business seeking a local dentist partner in Aurora, Colorado or Arvada, Colorado.

As a caring employer who wants bright smiles surrounding you at work, isn’t it time to partner with a local dentist who can make this dream come true? Ok, really you are the one who can make the dream come true, but Station Dental can provide the tools to help get you, and your employees, to that goal. For our local neighbors, we would like to offer additional incentives above and beyond our daily deals so that your employees can break down the barriers to affordable dentistry.

Insured Employees

All employees that are currently insured with an accepted dental insurance plan will receive a free take home custom whitening kit ($650 value) at their new patient visit. By law, we must adhere to that insurance plan’s fee schedule while the patient has benefits available in that calendar year, however, if those benefits run out, we will still adhere to that insurance plan fee schedule, and will also add a 10% discount to all treatments over and above their annual benefit.

Non-insured Employees

For employers that are do not offer dental insurance, or for employees which have elected to decline dental benefits, we offer our in-house Dental Wellness Discount Plan. These patients will still receive the free take home custom whitening kit ($650 value), and will also receive an additional 10% off the already deeply discounted annual plan cost.

Are you ready to offer more affordable dental care to your employees? Are you an employee who wants to get your employer involved in the Local Dentist Partner Program?