The following instructions must be strictly adhered to for your safety before commencing with your sleep dentistry (Conscious Sedation / Anesthesia). Neglecting any of the following may compel the doctor to cancel the start of your treatment.

Eating and Drinking:

Do not eat or drink anything for eight (8) hours before your scheduled appointment. Morning patients may not have anything to eat or drink after midnight. Afternoon patients may have a liquid breakfast no later than eight (8) hours prior to their scheduled treatment time.


Medications normally taken should be taken unless otherwise agreed upon by this office, and may be taken with a sip of water.

Clothing and Makeup:

Short sleeves or no sleeves are desirable and it is suggested that comfortable loose clothing and pants be worn as well as comfortable flat shoes. Contact lenses must be removed before the sedation/anesthesia is administered. Leave all valuables at home.

Changes in Health:

A change in your health, especially the development of a fever or cold, is very important. For your safety, you may be re-appointed for another day. If possible please inform the office of any change in your health prior to your appointment.


A responsible adult must drive you to the office. Please try to arrive early.

Getting Home:

All patients must be accompanied home by a responsible adult.

** Children require two (2) adults for their ride home. One to drive the vehicle and the other to be with the child.

Do not plan to drive a vehicle or operate potentially dangerous equipment for twenty-four (24) hours after your treatment. Do not take a taxi or public transportation.


For safety reasons a responsible adult should be with the patient until the next day after surgery.

**** The use of “street drugs” (marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc.) is strictly forbidden for several days prior to the administration of any sedative/anesthetic and until full recovery is achieved. The reason for these restrictions is your personal safety. The mixture of “street drugs” and anesthetic/sedative agents has resulted in very serious and even fatal complications.

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