Dental Fillings

A lot has changed in dentistry over the years, including new and improved materials for dental fillings near you that no longer include harmful metals. Locating a dentist that cares about your whole-body health as much as your dental health is an important factor when choosing a dentist. That’s why the team at Station Dental does exactly that!

Why Dental Filling Materials Matter

As a leading modern dentist, our practice is devoted to technology and materials that are proven safe. For example, in past decades, using mercury as a component of a metal filling was considered safe. However, as dentistry has advanced, it’s shown that it may not be the best alternative for dental fillings.

That’s why our dentist offers a broad range of materials to use when filling teeth or repairing cavities, including tooth-colored fillings – a material that’s very popular in cosmetic dentistry to help restore a natural-looking smile.

When you visit our dentist, we’ll provide an overview of all materials that can be used for your dental filling so you can make the choice that’s best for your health and lifestyle. Keep in mind that the location and type of filling can limit which types of materials can be used, but you’ll know ahead of any treatment which choices are available.

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Consider a Segmented Approach to Your Dental Care

Even though dental fillings can be completed in one appointment, there may be a reason for taking a segmented approach to your procedure. For example, if you elect teeth whitening as an added procedure, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve achieved the whiteness level desired before our dentist places a tooth-colored filling. This way, you’re guaranteed a more natural match that will help your dental filling seemingly disappear from appearance!

Ready to Learn More About Options in Dental Fillings Near You?

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