General Family Dentistry

Our team at Station Dental puts the patient first in everything that we do, including our wide range of services near you. Our overarching goal and priority are to ensure that our patients take charge of their dental health and well-being. We provide quality dental intervention in a comfortable environment to help you avoid common dental issues such as cavities and periodontal disease.

Preventive Dentistry is a Great Beginning

One of the best things you can do for your smile’s health, beauty, and functionality, and the smile of your family, is to adhere to a regular schedule of preventive dentistry. This way, our dentists near you will be able to correct minor concerns before they become larger ones. As an example, it’s easier to treat a cavity when it’s detected early instead of not detecting it until it has advanced to an infection and potential tooth loss.

Plus, our dentists near you and their teams at Station Dental make dentistry fun for the whole family! If you have a little one starting to exhibit signs of dental anxiety, we can help with a pain-free dental experience. A fluoride treatment that is pain-free and protects their teeth from cavities also demonstrates to children how fun it can be to visit a dentist. Their confidence is built, and their teeth are protected at the same time.

Advanced Technology in General Family Dentistry

At Station Dental, we always stay updated with all the latest equipment and technologies in dental treatment. We know the importance of learning and investing in new technologies and techniques to help our patients. For example, we’ve been working with laser dentistry for a long time, so our dentists near you have the experience to effectively treat decay, hypersensitivity, gum disease, and more. In general family dentistry near you, our dentists use laser treatment for frenectomies to free the tongue from frenulum attachment in children.

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