Night Guards

Do you find yourself grinding your teeth when you’re stressed or focused on a task at hand? If so, chances are that you are also grinding your teeth at night. Evidence of nighttime teeth grinding, medically known as bruxism, will result in jaw soreness, dull headaches upon awakening, facial pain, and fatigue throughout the day.

Fortunately, the American Sleep Association (ASA) reports that most nighttime teeth grinding cases can be treated by wearing a nightguard from a dentist near you like the team at Station Dental.

The ASA also supports the use of night guards for the treatment of sleep apnea. Our dentists at Station Dental can customize a guard that’s best-suited to provide you with relief from the risk factors associated with sleep apnea.

When you’re searching for a snoring mouthpiece or teeth grinding night guards near you, there is no substitute for the customization or the accurate fit that you’ll receive from our dentists. The ASA also recommends that it’s always good to visit a dentist near you to discover the root cause of your sleeping or grinding disorder instead of relying on guesswork from an over-the-counter purchase.

Trust Our Experts

Our experienced dentists near you understand the importance of healthy breathing and getting the necessary sleep each night. With our focus on oral appliance therapy and sleep medicine, our dentists near you in the greater Denver area can help you overcome snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, teeth grinding, and bruxism. Our dental experts are trained in identifying patients’ needs so that the most effective treatment plan can be formulated without the “try and see” approach of over-the-counter appliances.

As a form of general family dentistry, we provide a quality dental intervention with night guards and sleep guards in a comfortable environment to help you overcome the risks associated with untreated sleep apnea and teeth grinding. In sleep apnea, these risks can include weight gain, jaw pain, headaches, daytime sluggishness, and more. Untreated bruxism can result in fractured teeth, changes in the shape of your tooth structure, and damage to the enamel of teeth – three conditions that are costlier to treat than visiting us today for a customized nightguard near you.

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