Things You Should Expect After Root Canal Treatment

Things You Should Expect After Root Canal Treatment

Aug 11, 2021

Your dental health is at its best when you do not have a lingering infection in your mouth. However, with continual usage, bacteria are bound to damage some parts of your oral cavity. It is why you need procedures like root canal therapy to save your teeth and preserve your oral health.

What Is a Root Canal Procedure?

It is a term used to refer to endodontic surgeries performed in dentistry to save natural teeth. Even though teeth are built to last a lifetime, it is not always the case. Dental trauma and diseases can deteriorate the health of your natural teeth, tampering with their longevity. Thankfully, root canal procedures are done to preserve oral health by saving natural teeth.

What Does a Root Canal Procedure Entail?

Root canal procedures are usually performed on damaged and diseased teeth. In many cases, the reason you need a root canal procedure is tooth decay. Therefore, before any dental work begins, numbing and sedation are necessary. They will ensure that you have a pain-free and smooth procedure, regardless of the level of invasion in the performance of it.

A typical root canal procedure involves operating on the inside of a tooth to get rid of any infection thereof. Having a bacterial infection in a tooth damages various tissues, but root canal dentists in Arvada, CO, will remove all the damaged tissue during the procedure. A root canal procedure will not only get rid of the bacteria in your tooth but also all the damaged soft tissues.

After a root canal procedure, the structure of your tooth remains intact. Only the internal contents like the damaged nerve endings, blood vessels, and connective tissues are removed. Your dentist will then fill your tooth to seal it completely. Afterward, to complete your treatment, a cosmetic dentist near Arvada will need to install a dental crown over your treated tooth. The crown will hold your restored tooth in place, strengthen it, as well as improve its overall appearance relative to the rest of your natural teeth.

Do Root Canals Cause Health Problems?

No surgery is without risks, and this applies to endodontic surgeries as well. While some of the responsibility of caring for your teeth lies with the dentist, much of it will also depend on you. The success of a root canal procedure will heavily depend on your ability and discipline to following the right steps after treatment. While complications and risk factors exist, they are relative to the level of care you give your mouth after your procedure.

What to Expect After You Have a Root Canal

You will not have to figure out how to care for your mouth post-surgery by yourself. Your dentist will provide you with a general guideline of how you can manage your oral health after your treatment, based on the expected outcomes. Some of the tips include the following:

  • Pay attention to the treated tooth – although you may not necessarily have an open wound that needs nursing, you must still care for your treated tooth. Be keen to notice any tooth sensitivity, pain, and discomfort, signs of infections in your gums, tooth discoloration, among other issues.
  • Rest – your mouth is still part of the rest of your body. Since the body needs rest to heal and recover quickly, take time off work to get ample rest. Avoid intense exercise, so you can allow your body to focus fully on healing your tooth.
  • Stick to soft foods – this should be the first thing you adhere to after your treatment. Your mouth will still be sensitive after the numbing and sedation wear off. Soft foods ensure that you do not hurt other parts of your mouth or disrupt the healing process of your treated tooth.
  • Show up for your next dental appointment – a dentist will set up another appointment after your procedure to complete your treatment, as well as monitor the recovery process.
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