Understanding More About Same-Day Dental Crowns

Understanding More About Same-Day Dental Crowns

Oct 01, 2020

Dental crowns are tooth restorations that dentists use to enhance strength, functionality, and the appearance of a damaged tooth. If you have a cracked, broken, or severely stained tooth, your dentist might recommend a crown to cover it.

When you are getting dental crowns, you might require more than one appointment to get them fixed. However, with technology advancements, you can get dental crowns on the same day.

Traditional dental crowns can either be metal, porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, or all-resin and are created in a dental lab, slowing the process of placement. CEREC dental crowns, on the other hand, are made of strong porcelain material and placed using computer-assisted technology.

Why Do You Need Dental Crowns?

At Station Dental, our dentist can recommend dental crowns for the following reasons:

  • Protecting a weakened tooth due to decay or cracking to prevent breaking
  • Covering a severely-stained tooth
  • As a tooth cap for dental implants
  • Reinforcing a tooth with a large dental filling
  • Cover your tooth after a root canal treatment
  • Holding a dental bridge in place
  • Restoring a fractured tooth

Why Should I Choose a Same-Day Dental Crown?

When you choose CEREC dental crowns, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • One-Session Procedure

Traditional dental crowns require multiple appointments, where the tooth is first checked, prepared, and a temporary crown placed while waiting for a permanent crown from the dental lab. Unlike the traditional dental crowns, CEREC crowns only require a single session for the procedure.

When getting same-day crowns, the dentist will use a Computer-Aided Design and CAM (manufacturing) to take impressions of your teeth, create the dental crowns, and place them in one session.

  • Appearance

Dental technologists use a strong ceramic material to make CEREC dental crowns. Therefore, the CEREC dental crowns do not require reinforcement by metal. The porcelain material provides color aesthetics since the dentist can choose a shade that matches your natural tooth color.

  • Strength and Durability

CEREC crowns are of a strong ceramic material such as a Zirconia. Therefore, such dental crowns are resistant to abrasions and chipping, making them suitable for both front and back teeth. The ceramic material is also resistant to stains.

  • Precision

Dentists use advanced technologies such as CAD and CAM that offer accuracy. During the procedure, the dentist will take the impressions off your tooth to create a model. With the aid of the CAM and CAD technologies, the dentist will be able to create fitting dental crowns and make necessary adjustments in the dental office.

CEREC Dental Crowns Procedure

Same-day crowns require only one dental appointment to have them placed. During the procedure, the dentist can ask you to open your mouth wide to take dental impressions of your teeth. Your dentist will take the images and create a model of the tooth using CAD and CAM technologies.

The machine takes the model and molds a crown out of your tooth’s model. The machine works like a 3D printer, creating a copy of the tooths model. After creating the dental crown, the dentist will polish it and place it to cover the damaged tooth before cementing it into place.

The process only takes a few hours. Therefore, you can schedule an appointment at your own convenient time.

Taking Care of CEREC Dental Crowns

You might be wondering if CEREC dental crowns can last for long. The answer is yes. CEREC dental crowns are of strong ceramic material that guarantees you durability. However, you need to take care of them to ensure the results of the same-day dental crowns last longer.

After getting a CEREC dental crown in Lakewood, the dentist might recommend the following care tips:

  • Brushing your teeth twice daily to remove food particles in your mouth, especially before sleep and in the morning
  • Flossing between your teeth to remove signs of plaque and tartar
  • Regular visits to your dentist or oral hygienist for professional dental cleanings and exams
  • Avoid gritting, clenching, or biting on hard objects to avoid chipping the dental crowns
  • If you play contact sports, you can wear a protective mouthguard to prevent dental injuries that can damage your dental crowns
  • Quit smoking to prevent discoloration

The Take-Away

Getting same-day dental crowns has more benefits than getting traditional ones. Therefore, you can consider getting CEREC dental crowns at Station Dental Group in Lakewood to enjoy the benefits.

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