Various Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures and Their Benefits

Various Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures and Their Benefits

Dec 01, 2020

Cosmetic dentistry is the surest way today to improve your smile. People use these options to shape, whiten, and close gaps found between their teeth. Dentists have a wide array of tools they use to restore your teeth’ natural look in modern cosmetic dentistry.

Before undergoing a cosmetic dental procedure at the Station Dental Group, it’s essential to understand all the benefits and risks of cosmetic procedures. Ensure you are correct about the costs, your doctor’s experience, and any special maintenance you might require in the future.

Below are the five most common cosmetic dental procedures offered today:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth can get stained and lose their natural teeth because of habits like smoking tobacco and drinking highly concentrated coffee or tea. When teeth get discolored, there is a way in which your dentist can treat them to alter the color and make them look natural again.

Tooth whitening can be done in the dental office through professional procedures, or administered through a mouthpiece tray to treat yourself from home.

In-office treatment involves the use of a chemical-based solution rich in hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. It’s crucial to maintain proper oral hygiene even after treatment because teeth can get stained again even after a whitening procedure.


Bonding may enhance your smile by correcting the bad teeth look, especially if they have spaces between them. Tooth bonding is also overly used when treating chipped, stained, or cracked teeth. The bonding material is also used to fill minor cavities that expose the tooth root.

The tooth bonding procedure can be completed in a single office visit. It involves applying an etching solution, then tooth-colored materials or composite resins to the required tooth surface.

Bonding is a long-lasting solution but easily breaks, chips, and gets stained compared to other dental restoration types.


Veneers are typically shells, custom made from porcelain to cover your teeth’ front side to alter the color and shape. Veneers are designed to last longer than tooth bonding, and they also provide a superior appearance.

Before applying veneers, impressions of your teeth are first taken, the tooth ground; then the veneer is put into place. Using a beam of UV light, your hygienist will then harden the cement to secure your shell into place.


Caps and crowns are meant to completely cover your tooth, giving it its standard shape and appearance. Crowns can be used to protect a weak tooth, cover a discolored or misshapen tooth, reinforce a dental bridge, cover a tooth that’s had a root canal recently, and also to cover a tooth implant.

Crowns are of different types, categorized by the material used. They can be made of metal, resin, ceramic materials, or porcelain fused with metal. Crowns are costly, so dentists recommend a crown when other procedures won’t produce desirable results.


Implants are a form of oral care that replace a lost tooth. It’s a long-term solution for missing teeth. A well-placed dental implant is indistinguishable from regular teeth.

Treatment involves screwing a titanium pole into the jawbone. With time, the bone around the metallic pole starts to fuse with the implant and eventually cements it into place permanently.

Inlays and Onlays

Dentists Highlands Ranch also call them indirect fillings. This is because they are used when a tooth has mild decay or when the tooth is eroded a lot and cannot support a dental filling.

An inlay is directly placed on the tooth surface as long as there is no damage to the tooth cusps. When the cusp has sustained some damage or the tooth is substantially damaged, an onlay is used instead. Onlays cover the entire tooth surface.
Inlays and Onlays are made in a dental lab and mostly from composite materials attached to the teeth using dental cement.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Improve Bite – you can’t bite food properly if you have crooked teeth. Cosmetic procedures can correct the defect giving your teeth the original natural tooth shape.
  • Better looking teeth – Cosmetic dentists can transform broken, chipped, discolored, and even misshapen teeth to improve your smile.
  • Cleaning your teeth – Cosmetic procedures do not only alter the appearance of your teeth but also clean them off any lingering bacteria that can cause periodontal infections.
  • Eliminates oral issues – Cosmetic dentists remove bad teeth, eliminating the chances of developing oral health issues.
  • Saves you money – Through simple cosmetic procedures, you can avoid expensive surgeries in the future that would have occurred would you have ignored some treatments.
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