What Is WaterLase Laser and Why Is It Used in Dentistry?

What Is WaterLase Laser and Why Is It Used in Dentistry?

May 26, 2021

One thing that we can all appreciate is that dentistry has evolved. Now, you can get crowns in a day, and implants can be fixed in a single visit. As though this isn’t enough, we have laser dental treatment that can be used in many ways to take your smile back to the glory days.

Typically, periodontal disease and tooth decay arise because of poor dental hygiene. This has increased the need for better and precise dental restoration methods. For this reason, our dentist in Highlands Ranch, CO, has laser dental treatment to ensure that you get comfortable and less painful care.

Laser Dentistry, In a Nutshell

Laser dentistry has taken dental care to the next level, making traditional dentistry techniques and practices almost seem obsolete. Now, our Highlands dentist near you can perform a wide variety of treatments using the intense beams of light that are projected by dental lasers.

The whole point of using laser during treatment is to reduce the trauma and complexity associated with various dental procedures. As you already know, the drill instills fear in the hearts of many patients even though it is not as bad it sounds.

A laser instrument will produce an extremely narrow beam of light that releases intense energy and can be used to remove or shape tissue during procedures. With laser dentistry, our Highlands dentist near you can:

  • Manage gum tissue when a dental impression is being taken.
  • Expose wisdom teeth that have partially erupted.
  • Remove overgrown tissue.
  • Fasten teeth whitening procedures.
  • Aid in treating infections in root canals.
  • Remove inflamed gum tissue and help in treating gum disease.
  • Reshape or remove bone and gum tissue during crown lengthening procedures.

With lasers, our dentist in Highlands, CO, may not need to administer anesthesia in some procedures or use a drill, making your experience more enjoyable.

Now, laser dentistry has gone up a notch, and we have WaterLase Lasers, which utilizes hydrokinetic technology to remove soft and hard tissue using laser-powered water droplets.

How Does WaterLase Laser Work?

The Waterlase system uses water spray and laser energy in a patented technology known as Hydrophotonics to carry out a plethora of procedures on the gum, teeth, and bones. Your tooth contains up to 25% dentin and bone, then up to 5% water.

So, the handpiece that is used in the Waterlase laser delivers water and air in precise quantities, which combines to excite the water molecules in the target tissue and the handpiece simultaneously. The spray of water and air that are being released by the handpiece continually re-hydrates your teeth, therefore, preventing heat and pain.

This means that the enamel and dentin can be removed, or soft tissue can be cut and coagulated without you feeling pain.

What Are the Uses of WaterLase Lasers?

With Waterlase dentistry, our Highlands dentist near you can perform various types of dental restoration procedures, such as:

  • Decay removal
  • Hard tissue etching and surface roughening
  • Enameloplasty
  • Tooth preparations
  • Removing oral growths
  • Preventing gum recession
  • Relieving the pain of fever blisters and cold sores

Also, if you are not pleased with your smile, Waterlase dentistry can improve the aesthetics by shaping or contouring the gums, especially if you have a “gummy smile.”

Waterlase dentistry is quite effective in dealing with periodontal disease. The handpiece uses a laser-specific wavelength to target and destroy diseased tissue, debris, and bacteria between the teeth and gums, which causes the gums to bleed and recede.

What Are Some of the Perks of Using Waterlase Lasers?

When using Waterlase dentistry when undergoing dental restorations, you can expect the following perks:

  • Minimally Invasive

Waterlase dentistry is a minimally invasive and biologically healthy treatment that can treat different issues without cutting the gums or bones as in traditional therapies. Even when treating gum disease, a tiny laser fiber is placed in the gum pocket, disintegrating diseased tissue and bacteria without harming the healthy gum tissue.

  • Safe

This technology is safe and has been approved for use over three decades ago. Ever since the early 90s, countless dentists are using Waterlase lasers to reduce bleeding and post-treatment recovery.

  • More Comfortable

Most patients shy from getting treatment because they are afraid of the pain related to dentistry. Since Waterlase treatment is minimally invasive, accurate, relatively painless, the treatment time is shortened. So, there is no need for sedation dentistry.

Contact our dentist at Station Dental Group in Highlands Ranch if you need Waterlase dentistry.

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