What Not To Eat After Fluoride Treatment

What Not To Eat After Fluoride Treatment

Aug 18, 2021

Brushing and flossing are some of the many ways that we can protect our teeth from bacteria that cause tooth decay. However, if you are looking for an extra effective way to protect the teeth, then a fluoride treatment is an ideal option.

When we eat, some of the food particles are trapped between our teeth. When we have sugary drinks, the drinks stain the teeth. This stain, together with the particles of food trapped in the mouth, will turn into bacteria and begin to eat up the tooth resulting in tooth decay.

To maintain good oral health, it is advised that people should brush their teeth at least twice daily and also floss regularly. Fluoride is the main component of the toothpaste that we use to brush, and fluoride helps to fight against these bacteria. During regular visits to your dentist, the dentist will help you clean your teeth. After cleaning your teeth, a dentist near 80129 can help you apply a fluoride treatment to your teeth. Fluoride treatments will help to replace minerals that have been eaten by the bacteria and make your teeth whole again.

What Happens After A Fluoride Treatment?

The fluoride treatment can be applied to your teeth using a gel, foam, or varnish. Whichever one the dentist chooses to use, you have to ensure that the fluoride is given enough time to take effect in the teeth. This means that you have to be mindful of what you eat after a fluoride treatment.

Generally, you need to make sure that you avoid eating anything or rinsing your mouth within the first thirty minutes. This is just about enough time for you to leave the dentist’s office and return home or to work. For the whole of that day, try to avoid cold or hot substances so that the fluoride can properly coat the teeth and help your oral health.

If you visit the office of a dentist near you, you might be given a fluoride varnish during your fluoride treatment. If you get your fluoride treatment from a dentist in Highland Ranch, there are some fluoride varnish instructions that you will be given on what not to eat after the fluoride treatment. The instructions will depend on the kind of varnish that is used for the fluoride treatment.

  • Varnish Pen: Varnish pen has a 5% sodium fluoride content in the varnish. If a varnish pen is used for the fluoride treatment, avoid eating anything hot or hard within the first 6 hours after the treatment. Also, alcohol is prohibited within these 6 hours. You can, however, consume cold drinks and soft foods immediately after the treatment. Also do not try to brush or floss within these 6 hours.
  • FluoriMax: The percentage of sodium fluoride in FluoriMax is 2.5%, and when FluoriMax is used for fluoride treatment, a patient can begin to eat almost immediately. However, the patient has to wait for about 4 -6 hours before rinsing the mouth or drinking alcoholic beverages. Brushing and flossing should also be put on hold within this period, if possible, the patient should wait until the next day before brushing or flossing.
  • Varnish White Varnish: White Varnish needs about 4 to 24 hours for you to wait after application. The varnish release minerals that are essential for the teeth for 24 hours, so a patient will be advised to keep from brushing or flossing within the first 24 hours to ensure that the varnish works well.
  • Fast Release Varnish: After using this varnish for fluoride treatment, you can eat soft food and drink cold drinks immediately, however you have to avoid brushing, flossing, hard food, and alcohol for the first four hours after the treatment.

Make sure that you consult with your doctor for any questions about fluoride treatments.

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