What You Should Know Before a Sedation Treatment

What You Should Know Before a Sedation Treatment

Jan 11, 2022

To many people, a lot of anxiety often accompanies a visit to the dentist. The fear is so great for some people that it can cause them to skip dentist appointments. Unfortunately, this habit might lead to severe dental problems.

At Station Dental Group – Castle Rock, we offer sedated dentistry options. You are provided with an anxiety-free dentist visit. It also gives you a relaxed experience for those who fear dentists and enables you to undergo longer, complex dental procedures.

There are cases where sedation is optional, and our dentist will give you a chance to make a choice. However, before deciding, here are a few things you need to know about sedation dentistry.

Types of Sedation

Sedatives are classified according to how they influence your body. Then, according to the requirement of the procedure, our dentist will help you choose the correct sedative. We have three classifications:

  • Light sedation – Is the inhalation of nitrous oxide gas. This sedative keeps you comfortable or relaxed. However, you will stay awake throughout the whole procedure.
  • Moderate sedation –Gives you a very relaxed experience. You might not have full awareness, but you will respond to basic commands.
  • General anesthesia – Will put you completely to sleep or in an unconscious state. Hence you will require assistance in breathing. This form of sedation is for dental surgery.

Methods of Administering Sedation

There are several ways of administrating sedatives. They include:

  • Oral sedatives – Are pills taken the night before the appointment or just before. However, this sedative will not help you to ease the pain, and our dentist will have to administer local anesthesia on the area being worked on to numb it.
  • Nitrous oxide – Is inhaled. Local anesthesia is required since the gas doesn’t help with the pain.
  • IV sedation – Is not common.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation will make you feel like the dental procedure lasted for a few minutes, while in the real sense, it might have taken several hours. Our dentist performs complex procedures in this time, such as smile makeovers or extensive rebuilding procedures. In addition, since you will be able to sit at a dentist’s table for longer hours, procedures requiring many dentist appointments will be done in lesser appointments.

It helps you overcome anxiety and fear so that a patient can be comfortable, giving our dentist a chance to perform both complex procedures and routine exams. If you have a dental phobia, sedation will enable you to visit a dentist, so you don’t ignore your dental appointments.

Sedation dentistry may benefit you if you have special needs or a disability. These needs include; Down Syndrome, autism, and other special needs that can make it hard to deal with dental appointments. Sedation will make you relaxed, so you can maintain a healthy mouth and smile.

Choosing Your Sedation Dentist

Dentists often require special training in sedative medication, types of equipment, and techniques to have the skills to perform sedation dentistry safely. You must get a dentist who has both skills and experience in sedated dentistry. To make sure you eliminate any chance of complications.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You?

Not everyone can undergo sedation dentistry. Our dentist will perform an evaluation on you before determining if it’s safe for you. The dentist will conduct a physical assessment and complete medical history before administering sedation treatment. In certain instances, you will need clearance from your primary doctor. If you are worried about your next dentist appointment, talk to our dentist about a sedation treatment.

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