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Station Dental is a not a totally new concept, but a new approach in today’s corporate driven world of dentistry.We are still dentists who strive to keep patient care the number one priority in dentistry, but we are able to offer the same-day dental services and affordability that you will find in the fast-paced corporate environment. Staying accessible by offering quality care to everyone through taking most insurances is one way we plan on caring for you, our patient.

But don’t mistake affordable for cheap. Quality care includes only the best products and truly modern dentistry. All of our x-rays are digital, our same-day crowns and veneers are the highest quality materials, and our chair side manner is priority, giving our patients the time and care they should expect with their dental provider. Station Dental is about allowing you to manage your life, and your smile, the way you want.

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Miranda Hutchison, DDS : Dentist

Miranda Hutchison, DDS


I’m Miranda and I’ve been loving teeth for 19 years.  Ever since I was old enough to drive, I wanted to work in a dental office… and now that I do, I couldn’t be happier! I love what I do because I help people overcome their fears of the dentist, brighten smiles, and give sweet relief to those in pain.

This is more than just a job; I’m on a mission to create a dental home for my patients to feel accepted and cared for in an environment that my team can enjoy and be proud of. I hope to live in a world one day, where dental care can be affordable to everyone, and optimal oral health can be attained by those who seek it.

When I’m not using my laser to fight gum disease or artfully designing and sculpting beautiful, porcelain masterpieces, I find myself outdoors breathing in as much fresh Colorado air as I can get! I’m a professional day-dreamer in evenings and weekends, and I secretly love my cat more than my dog, even though I’ve been a “dog person” my whole life.

Give us a call or stop on by. We’d love to meet you and all are welcome at Station Dental.

We’ll take your smile where you want it to go!

Abby Rudnick, DMD : Dentist

Abby Rudnick, DMD


Dr. Abby Rudnick grew up in Phoenix, AZ and moved to Denver, CO to attend the University of Denver. After graduating from DU, Dr. Rudnick worked as a dental assistant for five years before attending Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine in Arizona, where she earned her DMD (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry).

Dr. Rudnick’s goal is to provide individualized comprehensive dental care with an emphasis on quality, esthetic, and ethical dentistry that can improve her patient’s overall health and quality of life. She strives to create a welcoming, comfortable environment for all of her patients.

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Rudnick enjoys spending time with her husband, friends, and dog Callie. She also enjoys being outside and taking advantage of all that Colorado has to offer.

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