Meet Dr. Miranda Hutchison

Dr. Miranda Hutchison is our Chief Clinical Officer and CEO. She has been loving teeth for over 25 years. Since Dr. Hutchison could drive, she wanted to work in a dental office. “Now that I do, I couldn’t be happier,” she says. “I love what I do because I help people overcome their fears of the dentist, brighten smiles, and give sweet relief to those in pain.”

For Dr. Hutchison, dentistry is more than just a job; she’s on a mission to create a dental “station” for patients to feel accepted and cared for in an environment that her team can enjoy and be proud of. She hopes to one day live in a world where dental care can be affordable to everyone and optimal oral health can be attained by those who seek it.

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Meet Dr. Abby Rudnick

Dr. Abby Rudnick’s goal is to provide individualized comprehensive dental care with an emphasis on quality, esthetics, and ethical dentistry that can improve her patients’ overall health and quality of life. She aims to create a welcoming, comfortable environment for all her patients.
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Meet Dr. Cara Maloney

Dr. Maloney practiced in Pennsylvania before relocating to Colorado, where she developed a passion for providing patients with a safe and comfortable environment for receiving dental care. She loves being able to empower her patients to improve their dental health and is excited to continue providing this type of care at Station Dental.

Meet Dr. David Weber

Dr. Weber is passionate about dentistry and strives to make his patients comfortable while addressing their functional and cosmetic dental needs. He provides a comprehensive approach to dentistry with precise, compassionate, and patient-centered care. Dr. Weber is known for creating a calm and welcoming environment to provide care and discuss treatment options. Dr. Weber looks forward to working with you to determine the proper care for your teeth.

Meet Dr. Hoa Tran

Dr. Hoa Tran knew she wanted to be a dentist at the age of seven when she experienced her first toothache. Coming from a low-income family, Dr. Tran’s family did not have the luxury of seeking routine dental care. During this time, she realized how much of a positive impact a dentist could make on one’s overall physical, mental, and emotional health. Dr. Tran’s goal is to provide patients with the highest standard of care and help those who have dental anxiety overcome their fear of the dentist.
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Meet Dr. Kyle Grant

Dr. Kyle Grant loves changing lives for the better with simple to advanced procedures using technology and dental techniques. From basic exams to complete smile transformations, Dr. Grant will be there for you as a dentist, advocate, and friend.
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Meet Dr. Nick DeVillier

Dr. DeVillier grew up in Nederland, Texas, and then moved to Austin, Texas, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry with a minor in Business from The University of Texas at Austin. He then moved to Dallas, Texas, where he graduated with his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from Texas A&M College of Dentistry.

Meet Dr. Patrick Rabus

Dr. Patrick Rabus is known for his precise and conservative treatment. He will always take the time to listen to you, answer your questions, and ensure your comfort and understanding. He looks forward to working with you to address your individual needs.
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Meet Dr. Sarah Stamps

While earning her doctorate, Dr. Sarah Stamps became passionate about organized dentistry and participated in the American Student Dental Association at the chapter and district levels. In addition, Dr. Stamps is a proud member of the American Dental Association, the Colorado Dental Association, and the Metro Denver Dental Society.
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Meet Dr. Veronica Pryor

Dr. Pryor wanted to be a dentist since she was 4 years old. She found teeth fascinating and wanted to share her passion with others. She was advised by her dentist at the time to start saving money, so she began painting rocks and selling them on her street corner. She strives to provide compassionate, comfortable, and exceptional care to every patient. She evaluates the unique needs of every patient and will take the time to educate and share her enthusiasm for health. She listens to understand the wants and needs for each one of her patients and will work diligently to help each person feel confident with their smile and achieve optimum oral health.
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Meet Dr. Kevin McCormack

Early on in his career, Dr. McCormack identified a need for a more approachable dentist, one that apprehensive patients are comforted by and trust. In response, Dr. McCormack’s chairside manner evolved, nowadays offering a relaxed, comforting experience filled with clear communication, quality dentistry, and hopefully many laughs along the way. As for dentistry, he enjoys doing large esthetic cases and full-mouth rehabilitations. He also enjoys doing bread and butter dentistry, such as fillings, Invisalign, root canals, and the like. But above all else, Dr. McCormack looks to offer a fresh and positive dental experience and simply wants his patients to feel safe and at home when in our dental office.
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