Miranda Hutchison, DDS
Miranda Hutchison, DDS Chief Clinical Officer and CEO

I’ve been loving teeth for 25 years. Ever since I was old enough to drive, I wanted to work in a dental office… and now that I do, I couldn’t be happier! I love what I do because I help people overcome their fears of the dentist, brighten smiles, and give sweet relief to those in pain.

This is more than just a job; I’m on a mission to create a dental “station” for my patients to feel accepted and cared for in an environment that my team can enjoy and be proud of. I hope to live in a world one day, where dental care can be affordable to everyone, and optimal oral health can be attained by those who seek it.

When I’m not using my laser to fight gum disease or artfully designing and sculpting beautiful, porcelain masterpieces, I find myself outdoors breathing in as much fresh Colorado air as I can get! I’m a professional day-dreamer on the evenings and weekends, and I secretly love my cat more than my dog, even though I’ve been a “dog person” my whole life. Scratch that, I’m back to being a dog person!

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