Dental Implants

The world of dentistry is constantly evolving, and at Station Dental, we prefer to keep up with it. For many years, dentures were the most popular method of replacing missing teeth. Dental bridges then came along and became preferred by most people. We now have dental implants. They’ve been around for a few years but have been continuously growing in popularity.

At Station Dental, we understand the fear people have when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Will the replacement stand out? Will it look as good as the natural tooth? These are all understandable questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them. It’s also our priority to give you the closest thing to a natural tooth.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a method of replacing missing teeth. A single implant consists of a titanium screw and an artificial tooth. We begin by placing the titanium screw into the jawbone and leaving it there for a few months. This time is so the screw can attach as tightly as possible. While we wait for this to happen, we’ll cover the screw with a temporary artificial tooth.

The permanent artificial tooth will be placed after we confirm adequate fixation. Patients can resume their normal lives without restrictions after getting the permanent artificial tooth. The temporary one is less durable and won’t tolerate the constant stress of biting and chewing.


Many patients and dentists prefer dental implants because they’re the closest thing to natural teeth. They’re durable and resilient, meaning they require very little maintenance. Dental implants are less likely to break than other dental appliances and replacements.

Most implants can last an entire lifetime without needing to be replaced. They’re less likely to break than dentures and bridges. Even if the artificial tooth breaks, it can be replaced by another as long as the titanium screw is still intact.

Patients need to brush their teeth and implants. Artificial dental products can stain over time. The best way to keep their original color is to keep them clean.

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