Root Canals

Have you recently learned that you or a loved one needs a root canal procedure but want more information on why it might be needed or what to expect from your treatment? If so, our dentist provides the following information to learn more about this common dental procedure.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Although the reasons will vary from patient to patient, the four most common reasons a multi-specialty dentist near you, such as the team at Station Dental would recommend the procedure include:

  • Treatment of dental decay that has become so deep that it’s now compromising the roots of a tooth
  • Treatment on a tooth that has already undergone multiple procedures and is now compromised in its integrity
  • Repair trauma to a tooth such as cracks, fractures, and chipping if damage to the tooth has extended into the pulp
  • When large fillings have become compromised, and their replacement now impacts the health or physical structure of the tooth

Are There Common Symptoms that Accompany the Need for a Root Canal Near Me?

For the most part, you will notice one of the following symptoms to indicate that it’s time for a dental exam and treatment plan for a possible root canal:

  • Pain, pressure, or discomfort around a tooth that can vary from mild to intense
  • A greenish or yellowish discharge at the gumline of the affected tooth
  • Gum tissue that is red or swollen around a particular tooth which becomes worse when pressure is applied to the area
  • An unpleasant taste in your mouth, complaints of bad breath, or an unpleasant odor on your finger after you’ve pressed against the affected area

Why Should I Worry About These Symptoms?

These symptoms indicate the presence of an infection, and similar to any other infection, the one that’s compromising your tooth can worsen over time, spread into other areas of your body, and require more extensive and possibly costlier treatment than what early intervention for root canals near you will involve.

If you recognize any of the above symptoms, even if there is no pain associated with them, we encourage you to make an appointment using our convenient online booking tool to learn more about root canals from the caring team at Station Dental.

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