Sedation Dentistry

Although modern dental treatments are virtually painless and associated with minimal discomfort, people still feel nervous about procedures. Dental anxiety is relatively common, and more than 20% of patients feel apprehensive about dental visits.

Many patients would rather prolong their pain rather than visit their dentist for timely treatment. The good news is, there is no longer any need to fear pain or discomfort during dental procedures. Sedation dentistry is the name given to relaxation techniques used before commencing with treatment.

Do not hesitate to reach out to Station Dental for a reliable dentist if you feel uncomfortable or in pain. We offer a wide choice of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care treatments, and our experts will keep you relaxed and comfortable.

Why Is Sedation Dentistry Important?

The primary purpose of sedation dentistry is to help patients relax during dental procedures. We offer different types and levels of sedation to meet your unique needs, and you can rely on our trained team to administer the correct dosage for your requirement.

Some important facts about sedation dentistry:

  • You will be awake but relaxed.
  • You will be able to communicate with our team but may not recollect much about the procedure.
  • In some instances, our dentist may need to administer deeper sedation, but we can still wake you up, if required.
  • If we need to administer general anesthesia, you will be unconscious until the effect wears off. General anesthesia may be used for more complicated procedures such as dental surgeries.

Who Can Administer Sedation to Patients?

Only qualified and certified dentists near you can administer sedation to patients. While it’s common for general dentists to administer mild to moderate sedation, deeper sedation may require additional training.

Our experienced team has treated hundreds of patients, and we take every care to keep you as comfortable as possible. We offer an impressive array of sedation dentistry options, including local anesthesia, numbing gels, oral and intravenous sedation. If you have any concerns or doubts, please call or email Station Dental for sedation dentistry options.

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